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BA Degree show



Slade School of Fine Art, London

Slade School of Fine Art BA degree show (space shared with Isobel Napier's laser cut paper pieces.)

I am constantly depicting Moments in my work as a way of solidifying a feeling like a memorial to it. In particular I like to linger upon throwaway instances of intersection as a way of bringing casual encounters in line with ‘epic’ gestures. Specific words or rhymes said in my recollection have been retained in order to be regurgitated in a new form. This tribute is sometimes presented through the direct translation of a drawn image to a painted one.

"Top heavy music stand, music sleep, music lean.
When a music stand won't open flat, it's trying to keep you keen.
Arms and neck contort and morph, round curved verges of paper.
So, now notes boast distorted heads, in need of a translator."

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