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Criss Cross



HengTang Space, Chengdu

For 6 weeks living and working in Chengdu, China I was part of a team who developed an annual artist residency and teaching programme in conjunction with San Mei Gallery.

Within this period I also engaged in developing my own work and collaborative practice with Milan Tarascas. We were invited to devise an outdoor performance event at an art centre in the Blue roof art district, Chengdu. The event was an exciting opportunity to consolidate the relationships we built with other artists living and working in Chengdu, at various stages in their careers. We curated the show as a site-specific promenade performance, encouraging the audience to navigate the space as each work became activated. Together we created objects that acted both
as curatorial and performative tools.

We produced a freestanding wall, which stood on a protruding island into the lake where the event took place. The wall had a removable applique collage that when detached during the performance, revealed works produced by other participating artists.

I included a sculpture which also acted as a music stand, accompanied by a live performance on viola of the Prelude from Suite No.2 by J.S. Bach.

Extreme Foam Music Stand, 2018
Wire, paper, cardboard, glue, extreme light foam

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