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Man Made Disaster



Protein Studios, London

This exhibition organised by Do The Green Thing was a powerful response by 30 women and non-binary artists who operate at the intersection of creativity and social change.
These paintings each have their own internal dialogue that when brought together in this situation, present an association or narrative to do with why climate change hurts women and girls more.

Heavy Shoulders is a response more specifically to women in developing countries having to bear the weight of providing water for their families on their shoulders. That is to say both the responsibility of this and also the 100 litres (100kg) of water minimum needed per family each day .

Existing gender inequality requiring women to stay at home as primary care givers, can mean that women are more likely to die than escape during natural disasters caused by climate change . Impending doom touches on this, with garish, almost chemical yellow-green toxicity, whilst simultaneously borrowing characteristics of a typical landscape painting.

Hearing that food waste and recycling was not thought of as ‘manly’ prompted Eleanor to include Orange Peel Man, an attempt to encourage repurposing and taking a second look at what you are about to throw away. The figure could be thought of almost as an effigy.

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