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Portland Stone



Since 2017, myself, Milan Tarascas and Rose Ryan have been building an ongoing research project based around improvised
performance and sound. The project’s departure point brings movement
together with live music to explore spaces between disciplines in a tangible way.

Through dissecting the purity of the media, we examine the borders between disciplines, material and context to enter into a negotiation of structure that centres different practices. We aim to cultivate moments of intersection though our continued collaborative practice and response to space,
people and duration.

The Sarabande emerging artist prize enabled me to travel to Portland, UK to learn how to stone carve at the PSQT. This Portland stone sculpture 'Bellybutton', featured in my BA degree show at the Slade School of Fine Art. The stone sat on a base made of springs with energetic rays emerging from the hole. I aim for the arrangement of the physically motionless pieces to suggest movement and performance. This implied choreography is a visual maze or route from one painting to the next. I want the pieces to be having conversations and laughing with each other, in order to animate them as ‘fossils’ with a reincarnated familiarity.

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