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News of the World, London

Ellie Wang
Milan Tarascas

Procession and Exhibition Friday 5th October - Sunday 28th October 2018 as part of the Artlicks weekend

Wayfinding encompasses non-instrumental processes that allow humans and animals to orient themselves, and travel from place to place over unknown or unmarked trails and paths. Using aides such as the ocean currents, wind patterns, songs and stories for memorising the properties of stars, islands, and navigational routes. Observation and an attentive awareness of surroundings are critical to establishing one’s position and deciding on a route.

In this period, we constructed a plywood structure, made up of a base and two ‘cabinets’ on hinges, that unfold to reveal an animatronic centrepiece and printed drawings. The structure acts as a curatorial space and tangible representation of a collaborative dialogue that has emerged between ourselves and a selection of artists, met through working in Helsinki, Chengdu and Barcelona. The work was accompanied by a communal meal, discussion and walk from Brixton to Deptford, to invite further reflection and exploration.

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